What I’m Reading

I love getting together with friends for coffee or dinner, and one question that often comes up with certain friends is, “Are there any good books you’re reading?” So I thought I’d share with you some of the books I’ve been enjoying over the last few months. Made Well: Finding Wholeness in the Everyday Sacred … More What I’m Reading


Well what do you know, the summer has flown by it’s already mid-August! We are approaching September quite rapidly, and this blog has been quite silent over the summer. So I wanted to give you guys an update on how my life’s been going: Applying/Interviewing for a number of jobs. This was actually my best … More Currently

Decisions, decisions

Figuring out life can be frustrating. Deciding which degree to take, which job to pursue, and overall direction of your life can be challenging. Especially when there are so many possibilities available. I once read an article a while back about how today’s generation has so many more opportunities for employment than the previous generation. … More Decisions, decisions